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simonpollendine privatechef

Bringing Restaurant Food To Your Own Table 

Tired of planning your menu or looking for a  new event concept.

Introducing simonpollendine privatechef, your dedicated Chef.

Bringing high end restaurant quality food to your own table, whatever the event.

I will design a menu exclusive to you. I am a true believer in using local producers to reduce food miles as quality is important when cooking for you. 


Get to Know simonpollendines privatechef

Offering a variety of superb services and mouth-watering menus, simonpollendine privatechef has years of experience in the kitchen, so can develop a unique menu for every clients taste or needs.
So whether you’re planning a wedding, dinner party, just tired of cooking for fussy family members or  simply need a break from the kitchen - simonpollendinesprivatechef is the Chef you need. For more information, or to book a service, get in touch today.


Thank you for browsing the website of simonpollendinesprivatechef. For more inquiries, or if you would simply like to chat, please feel free to reach out today.


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